Types of Car Seat Covers

Your car seats make for an important element of your car which can be quite delicate and needs to be protected. Deciding on the type of seat covers to use in order to protect your car seats can be quite daunting as much as it may be exciting. This is simply because the interior of a car is the next most attractive part of any car and you surely would want to do the best you can so that your car looks the part. You should note that the comfort you will get from your car seats is largely dependent on the material type you choose for your seat covers. See the best car seat cover.

It is the purpose of this article to inform you so you know that when choosing the material of your car seat you have a wide array of material types from which you can pick your choice. These materials can either be leather, polyester, vinyl, nylon or a combination of different materials. Each material type, however, has its own set of advantages which range from durability to comfort and this might make it highly preferred over other materials.

In this article, we attempt to give a brief over view of the various types of seat covers available for you to pick from so that you will be more informed when you finally decide on which material to use.

Leather Car Seat covers

These seat covers are priced because of their aesthetics, elegance and the comfort they bring into your car. They are usually considered as luxurious and they undoubtedly bring in great value to your car largely because of their properties.

Leather seat covers are priced because of their waterproof quality which guarantees you that your seats are protected from liquid spills. Further to this, they are also extremely durable and this can count for their relatively expensive prices. Leather seat covers come in two blends, the genuine leather and the leatherette specifications.

Genuine Leather seat covers

These seat covers gives a luxurious feel to your car and the natural leather material is great at offering great levels of breathability as well as a very pleasant smell.

Genuine leather along with its properties usually requires some special care so as to preserve it from external stresses. You will have to appreciate that leather is a natural material. Where it is lacking in care it can develop cracks due to hot-cold expansions and contractions which come as a result of temperature changes.

The leatherette seat cover

This is material is an attempt to mimic every aspect of genuine leather although it is less durable. Unlike genuine leather, this material is generally easy to clean and maintain such that it can be best suited for taxi drivers.

In its make, this material features a vinyl layer which is perfect to be a water proof layer against regular spills and food crumbs. Cleaning this material is a matter of wiping off whatever stains your seat might have acquired.

When it comes to comfort, this material is really not that comfortable when compared to genuine leather. Quite often it has a tendency to match weather conditions where it can get hot in summer and cold in winter.

Polyester seat covers

Perhaps this material is well-suited to be a cheap car seat cover which can be the best offer if you have a tight budget. We cannot talk of comfort with this seat mainly because the material lacks the feel and aesthetics which allow for comfortable and durable car seat covers. Because of the material, seat covers of this nature can best be used for temporary purposes and need great care as they can easily tear off.

Canvas car seat covers

This seat cover features a blend of many fabric types which vary in texture and durability. This can be the best offer for those who require affordable and total protection for their seats.

This seat cover material is easily cleanable which makes it highly favoured if you so want a car that is always kept clean. Further to this, this material is very durable such that it can be used in heavy duty vehicles as agricultural vehicles, trucks and trades vehicles. However, because the material has been designed for durability, it can be a little rough on the skin such that it is not well suited for family cars.

Public transport operators can also make use of this material type seat covers because of its affordability and cost effectiveness.

Nylon car seat covers

This is a universal seat cover fabric which is perfect for most cars. It is highly priced because of its affordability and durability. Under this category of seat cover material type we have the velour and jacquard materials.


This seat cover material is designed to create a feel of an original upholstery. If you so detest the look of seats being covered with covers, this will be an ideal material to consider for your seat covers. With this material type, your seats will be perfectly covered and protected but it will look as If they have no seat cover at all.

This material type is also water proof and makes seat covers which are quite soft and very comfortable. Comparing it to other materials, it might not be as durable but it surely is the perfect economic and multipurpose material for any car seats.


This car seat cover material features a heavy-duty centre panel which makes it a bit rougher for a seat cover.It has waterproofing capabilities and you rest guaranteed that your seats will be protected from liquid spills and food stains.

Neoprene car seat cover material

Seat covers made from this material feature a thick durable rubber-based material usually found in top-of-the-line wetsuits.

This material is waterproof, hard to puncture which provides the protection you would want for your car seats. For this material, the highest blend neoprene is often described as a grade designating chloroprene rubber construction. This makes for a great all-round fabric for seat covers which are comfortable, highly water resistant and durable. This neoprene material is quite affordable as well and should make for a great choice of seat covers.

Neosupreme car seat cover material

Seat covers of this nature feature some expensive rubber material which is both durable and flexible. This material features polyester blended with neotex to offer a softer material which provides the perfect comfort for your seats.

Neosupreme covers provide effective protection against spills and abuse while achieving the classic sporty look for your car`s interior.


From this list you should know what to expect in seat covers. Better still you have been informed as to what makes for a good seat cover and when you eventually decide on buying seat covers for your car you will make an informed decision.