Essential Car Audio Equipment

Entertainment in a car largely revolves around its audio. The quality of the audio you will get from your car is then shaped by the equipment you have installed which will either boost the sound or even improve the quality of the sound you will get. It thus becomes important that you know the different types of car audio equipment which you should have.

In this article we attempt to list and examine the most essential audio equipment you should consider so as to spice up the sound coming from your car`s entertainment system.

The Stereo Receiver

When it comes to vehicle entertainment, the car stereo is the centre of all entertainment. It is very crucial, therefore that you get the best stereo receiver if you so want to enjoy real entertainment in your car. A car stereo receiver is that equipment responsible for playing your music sending to the speakers so you can be able to hear the sound as it plays.

Before you decide on the what could be the perfect model type of a stereo receiver for your car there are some few factors you might want to consider before the purchase. Such factors include the price of your receiver in relation to what features and extra capabilities your preferred receiver has. With that said, the best stereo receiver should produce the best sound quality and this is usually influenced by the type of motherboard contained by your receiver. So you will want to check with different brands so as to find the one with efficient motherboards.

A good stereo receiver should also come fitted with support for various audio sources. Audio sources would range from DVD, CD as well as USB and Bluetooth support which are essential features you would want in a stereo receiver.

Radio security is also a key factor for consideration as this will guarantee you the safety of your best-chosen receiver for your audio system. It would be advisable to find a receiver with a detachable faceplate and this will be secure enough. Besides the security, you would also want to consider which stereo receiver would fit onto your dashboard. To do this you will have to check the physical dimensions of your system slot as well as the receiver size.

Car audio amplifier

A quality amplifier is the centre piece and life source to your subwoofer and the entire speaker system. An amplifier works much to control the bass coming from your stereo as well as the general speaker output. This is key in as far as there is a need to minimise sound distortions and ensure that the entire audio equipment is optimised so that it can operate at full capacity.

Generally speaking, they are essentially various types of car amplifiers you can get and much is dependent on your personal preferences. An amplifier can either be a mono channel usually known as D amplifiers and these produce more power and would work best for subwoofers although their sound can be distorted.

Dual channel amplifiers also form another type which can power two speakers and a subwoofer. However, this amplifier is designed for vehicles which do not offer any trunk space. The list goes on up to a 6-channel amplifier which are well suited for SUVs because they have the maximum power and higher audio quality.


When it comes to the most essential equipment for your car audio, speakers are perhaps the most crucial, otherwise where would the crispy sound you crave for come from.

The right speakers are surely going to give you the right kind of sound for the music or whatever you listen to at various volume levels. Choosing the right type of speaker for your car audio might be a challenge since there is quite a lot of speakers to pic from. However, the right kind of speaker will produce clear lows, mids, and highs.

On average, a good speaker will have an RMS rating of about 200, a frequency response range between 65Hz and 20KHz and this will be perfectly matched by a sound sensitivity of about 90dB. Interms of sizes, speakers will range between 4 to 7 inches and on a wattage basis they usually range from 250 watts to 800watts.

Popular brands from which you can choose a speaker from are usually JVC, Kenwood, Sony, JBL and Infinity but the list of brands is quite long.


This audio equipment is priced for the bass it produces which make it another equally important aspect of any car stereo set up.

A subwoofer can be described as a low frequency producing speaker which contains woofers or loud speakers. These speakers as contained are designed so that they may handle bass sounds and sub-bass frequencies.  Technically speaking, subwoofers were originally designed to save traditional speakers from lower, louder damaging frequencies.

Subwoofers sizes range from 8 to 21 inches however, for cars, the biggest subwoofer is not always the best. For a best subwoofer should only be able to produce clear and crispy sound at reasonable volumes.

Car audio equaliser

You would agree to the fact that no car is acoustically accurate to the effect that a vehicle`s sound system can be affected by various factors. Factors that usually affect your car sound include engine and road noise, size and shape of the car as well as car seat absorbency levels. A car audio equaliser therefore becomes handy in as far as there is a need to either boost or cut the tone of your audio system.

On a given stereo receiver, the standard treble, mid-range and bass controls might not be able to support such functionalities such that an audio equaliser becomes important. It thus becomes important for one to install an equaliser if you so want to drown distracting sounds, improve the factory system so as to make sound crisper and cleaner.

There are various types of equalisers you might want to pick your choice from and it can either be an EQ booster, Graphic, Analogue, Digital or Parametric equaliser. These usually come with a set of advantages which might make one equaliser more preferably over another.


The above should be considered as some of the most essential equipment you should consider having if you so want to improve the audio quality from your car. These audio equipment will surely work much to give you that near perfect sound to keep you entertained especially during your long drive.